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Rafflesia Rainforest Reserve Tour

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Pick up from the city hotel at 0800 hours. About 1 1/2 hours drive journey through the scenic view within Crocker Range Park to Tambunan Rafflesia Centre which located conveniently by the roadside and is only 58 km from Kota Kinabalu. This centre was gazette in 1984 by the State Government of Sabah as a protected Virgin Jungle Reserve. The unique feature of this reserve is the extensive occurrence of one of the world’s largest flowers, the Rafflesia Pricei. Rafflesia flowers are reputed to be the largest flowers in the world, and also one of the rarest of all plants. The Rafflesia is a parasitic plant which is specifically dependent on Tetrastigma host vines. It occurs as a single magnificent flower, without roots, leaves or stem. It extends thread-like filaments into the tissues of its host from which it obtains food substances. Rafflesia Pricei occurs to an elevation of 1400 meters, coinciding with the upper limit of the occurrence of Rafflesia host plants, Tetrastigma.

At the entrance of this reserve is a Rafflesia Information Centre. There are eight trails for trekkers including a Rafflesia Trial that leads to the flowering sites. The information centre is well equipped as a tourist centre. For those who do not wish to go jungle trekking or to see the original Rafflesia in full natural bloom, the centre provides information and there are also replicas of Rafflesia, in their true shapes and colours. Souvenir items like replicas of Rafflesia, key chains, T-shirts and books are also available at the centre.
In the afternoon, lunch at the local restaurant before transfer back to Kota Kinabalu.

Suggested things to brings: Proper hiking shoes, raincoat, cap / hat, insect repellent, personal toiletries etc.



: 0800 Hours


: Full Day


: Land Transportation, entrance fee, meal as stated & English Speaking Guide

Tour Rate (SIC)

(Minimum 2 Person)

: RM 287 (2-3 Per Person)

  RM 276 (4-8 Per Person)

  RM 265 (9-14 Per Person)

  RM 255 (15-20 Per Person)

Included 6% GST


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