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Perak Tourist Attraction


Perak is situated along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and covers on area of 21,000 sq km. Meaning silver in Malay, it was so named as the state is home to the Kinta Valley, which to the Kinta valley, which once contained the world’s richest tin deposits, drawing visitors from around the globe.


Today, it captivates hearts with its intriguing cave temples, thriving virgin rainforests, delicious varieties of cuisine and of course, the renowned Pangkor Laut Resort. Its capital city is Ipoh, the City of Bougainvillea.



Pulau Pangkor



Tucked within this idyllic tropical island are attractions such as the historic Dutch Fort, Batu Bersurat, fishing villages, traditional boatyards, places of worship and popular beaches like Pantai Puteri Dewi, Pantai Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah. This island can be explored on foot or by vehicle and its surrounding turquoise warm waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. A short boat ride takes you to the privately-owned Pulau Pangkor Laut. Here, you will find the exclusive Pangkor Laut Resort, one of the world's top small luxury resort.

Must do:

  • Savour fresh and delicious seafood

  • Watch boats being built at the boatyards

  • Sample seafood snacks

  • Go for a round-island trip

~ The stone foundations of the Dutch fort at Teluk Gedung were built in 1670, making this former Dutch stronghold more than 300 years old.


Royal Belum



The pristine Royal Belum is nestled within the protected Belum Valley in Gerik. New species of trees and insects have been discovered in this 117,500-hectare virgin rainforest, which is also one of the few places in Malaysia where you can see the rare Rafflesia. Comprising a complex ecosystem, this state park is situated in the northern Park of Lake Temengor and is a haven for mammals like the seladang, Asian elephant, Malaysia Tiger and the endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros as well as birds such as the hornbills.

Must do:

  • Go for jungle trekking, bird watching and wildlife sightings


Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

Larut Matang and Selama


Over 18- local and exotic wildlife species can be observed at the 34-acre Taiping Zoo. The country's first zoo, it features orang-utans, Malaysian Tigers, siamangs and many more in open-air enclosures with natural settings. The Night safari includes a mini train ride that you though various parts of the zoo where you can watch nocturnal animal in action0feeding, hunting or just being playful. The lively chirpings of night creatures add to the exciting atmosphere.

Must do:

  • Hop on the train and go on a Night Safari

  • Watch the animal feeding sessions

Zoo Taiping

Opening Hours: 8.30am - 6.00pm

Night Safari

Opening Hours

: 8.00pm - 11.00pm


: 8.00pm - 12.00am


Felda Residence Hot springs



Indulge in warm and relaxing sensations as you soak in the free flowing hot springs pools at FELDA Residence Hot Springs. Located at the foothill of the Titiwangsa Range in Sungkai, the hot springs are believed to have positive effects on various ailments. While you are there, you can go for there, you can go for the open cold and hot pools or private pools. You can also sign up for the water reflexology courses or just take a walk around the beautiful garden and reflexology path.

Must do:

  • Soak in the springs pools

  • Enjoy a soothing reflexology massage


Galery sultan Azlan Shah

Kuala Kangsar


The Sultan Azland shah Gallery was formerly known as Istana Hulu Palace. An interesting combination of Aisan and European architectural styles, the gallery mainly features the history and achievements of the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azian Shah. It also provides information on the history and genealogy of the perak Sultanate and showcases replicas replicas, photographs, automobiles as well as gifts that were given to the Sultan and his wife by Head of States from around the world. The gallery is located on Bukit Chandan about 1.5km from Kuala Kangsar town and just 500m from the famous icon, Istana kenangan.

~ One of the exhibits, the Taming sari dagger, is made of 20 metal composite, believed to be made from bolts holding the Holy Ka abah Gates in Mecca.

Opening Hours

: 10.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Thursday


: 10.00am - 12.15pm, 2.45pm - 5.00pm Friday


Kek Look Tong Temple



The Kek Look Tong Temple is one of the most visited temples in Perak. You can pore over the various statues of Buddha found among the stalactites and rock formations in this cave temple. which is set among towering limestone outcrops behind Gunung Rapat. You can also take a stroll around the peaceful surroundings. The Kek Look Tong temple was built in the 70s and is located 5km south of Ipoh

opening Hours: 7.30am - 7.00pm


Gua Tempurung



One of the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia, Gua Tempurung stretches over a kilometer from Singai Siput to Kuala Dipang and is made up of five domes with coconut shell-like ceilings. Discover the beauty of nature as you explore its interior, admiring impressive stalactites as well as stalagmites and experiencing other unusual cave phenomena. You can select from various guided tours according to your preferences and level of fitness. This cave is in Gopeng just 24km south of Ipoh. A 15 minutes' drive away is the kampar river, a popular destination for white-water rafting.

Opening Hours: 9.00am - 4.00pm Closed from 12.30pm - 2.30pm on Friday


Kuala Sepetang Recreational forest



Make a point to visit the Kuala Sepetang recreational Forest - the best managed forest in the country. An area of rich biodiversity, it shelters teeming species of trees, birds, fish and other aquatic life unique to the mangrove forest. Mangrove tree species such as the bakau minyak and bakau kurap thrive here and are commonly used to make charcoal. Some local factories still employ traditional methods to produce this substance.

Must do:

  • visit the Eco Education Centre

  • Go camping, bird watching and wildlife sighting

  • Tour local charcoal factories

Opening Hours: 8.00am - 5.00pm


Taman Herba Negeri Perak



An interesting variety of herb frown in this 22.4ha herb garden in Gopeng. Planted in individual courtyards they include herbs for medicinal, aromatherapy and cosmetic use as well as local salads (ulam) and spices. This scenic farm offers facilities such as a campsite and library and is ideal for bird watching, fishing, aerobics, jogging, outdoor games as well as trishaw rides.

Must do:

  • Sample unique herbal products such as herbal drinks, traditional cakes and herb rice

Opening Hours: 8.00am - 5.00pm


Orang Utan Island / Bukit Merah Laketown Resort



Come meet one of Malaysia's most endearing mascots at the 35-acre Orang Utan Island - a breeding sanctuary cum conservation, research and education centre. Observe these primates as you walk through the 100m steel 'cage tunnel'. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with the star attractions, two orang-utan babies, at the end of your visit. The island is part of the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, which also has a water and Eco park. The resort is just an hour's drive from Ipoh.

~ The Orang Utan Island is the world's first and only rehabilitation and preservation facility where the orang-utans roam free


Opening Hours:

Orang Utan Island: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Ferry Trips - every 45 Minutes

Water park: 12noon - 7.00pm Closed on Tuesday except during school holiday and public holidays

Eco Park

: 10.00am - 7.00pm Monday - Thursday


: 10.00am - 7.30pm Friday, weekends and public holidays


There's Much More in Perak

Various place of interest are interspersed within the state. While the majority of them are found in Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping, you might discover hidden gams in its its sprawling countryside.


  • Birch Memorial Clock Tower

  • Darul Ridzuan Museum

  • Geological Museum

  • Gunung Lang Recreations Centre

  • Ipoh Railway Station

  • Lost World of Tambun

  • Mekprasit Temple

  • Sam Poh Tong Temple

Kuala Kangsar

  • Enggor Handicraft Centre

  • Kampung Sayong (Labu Sayong)

  • Malaysia's oldest rubber tree

  • Royal Museum

  • Ubudiah Mosque

  • Ulu Kenas waterfall


  • Lumut International Yacht Club

  • Marina Island Jetty Complex (Pangkor)

  • Marina Island Yacht Club (Pangkor)

  • Navy sembilan

  • Pulau Sembilan

  • Segari Turtle Management Centre

  • Teluk Batik

  • Teluk Semangin

Taiping, Larut Matang and selarha

  • Bukit Gantang Homestay

  • Bukit Larut

  • Matang Historical complex

  • Matang Mangrove Swamp

  • Perak Museum

  • Selama Homestay

  • taiping Lake Gardens

Batang Padang

  • Kuala who Recreational Forest

  • Lata Iskandar Waterfalls

  • Lata Kinjang Waterfalls

  • Kinta

  • Clear Water Sanctuary Resort

  • Kellie's Caste

  • Tin Dredge Heritage Museum

Perak Tengah

  • Pasir salak Historical Complex

  • Pulau Tiga handicraft Centre

  • River Terrapin Breeding Centre


  • Banding Island

  • lake Temengor

  • Lata Kekabu waterfalls


  • Lenggong Archaeological Museum

  • Kampung Beng Waterfalls


  • Klah Homestay

  • Wildlife Conservation Centre (deer farm)


  • Gopeng Homestay

  • sungai Kampar (white-water rafting)

Hilir Perak

  • Leaning Clock Tower

  • Bagan Datoh Homestay


  • Kuala Gula Bird sanctuary


Shopping & Dining



You can look forward to diverse shopping experiences in Perak as shopping destinations here range from modern shopping complexes, night markets to simple roadside stalls. Just about everything is available here-food, fruits, clothing, foot wear, accessories and many more. Handicraft such as the labu sayong, a gourd shaped ceramic vessel, is unique to Perak and can be purchased from Kampung sayong in Kuala Kangsar. Other souvenir items include golden thread embroidery, earthen ware, bamboo earrings, keris (Malay dagger) and handicrafts made from seashells.

Popular shopping spots:

  • Enggor Handicraft Centre

  • Gerbang Malam

  • Ipoh Parade

  • Ipoh Angsana

  • Jaya Jusco

  • Kinta City Shopping Complex

  • Memory Lane

  • Silveriage Galleria



Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese and western - there is an endless variety of food in Perak. Delicious and defubutely affordable, there's simply no excuse for not trying as many as possible. The state is famous for sar hor fun, hor hee fun, hor hee dim sum, chicken Rice (with bean sprouts) and rending tok. Ask for the famous Ipoh White Coffee. The beverage originates from Ipoh and is a favourite among Malaysians.


Authentic local favourites:

Sar Hor Fun

Enjoy flat rice noodles garnished with chicken shreds, prawns as well as spring onions and served in chicken or prawn soup. Although also available in other state, it is believed that the locally sourced ingredients such as water from the mountains surrounding Ipoh give it an edge over the others.

Dim Sum

Dim sum is a smorgasbord of meat, seafood, vegetable, dessert and fruit dishes served in small portions and usually accompanied by the Chinese tea of your choice. Although normally eaten for breakfast, it is available throughout the day at restaurants.

Chicken Rice

This delectable combination of braised chicken, bean sprouts and rice is an original Ipoh dish. Fresh and crunchy, the bean sprouts from the state are said to taste better as they were grown using waters from the limestone hills.

Rendang Tok

Rendang tok is a flavoursome Malay delicacy made from an exciting combination of spices, herbs, coconut milk as well as beef and served with turmeric rice. It is normally served during special occasions such as weddings and important celebrations.




Ipoh is connected to other major towns and cities in the peninsula by a comprehensive network of road, rail and sea transportation.

Getting There

By Road

Ipoh is 165km from Penang and 205km or a one and a half hours’ dive from Kuala Lumpur. Apart from air-conditioned coaches that provide direct shuttle from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Ipoh, there are also bus services from bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur (Pudu Sentral and Hentian Duta) and Butterworth in Penang to the Medan Gopeng Terminal in Ipoh. You can also take a taxi from Kota Bharu, Alor Setar, Penang, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar, Cameron Highlands, Teluk Intan, Tanjung Malim and Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.

By Rail

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) Provides train services to all major town in Perak, namely sungkai Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar and Taipig. There are numerous daily express trains and Electric Train Services (ETS) between Seremban, KL Sentral and Ipoh

By Air

The Sultan Azlan Shah Airport is located in Ipoh, about 6km from the city. Airlines such as Firefly operates Ipoh-Singapore-Ipoh flights twice daily, while Berjaya Air operates Subang-Pangkor-Subang flights three times a week (Wednesday,Friday and Sunday).


You can hail a taxi at bus stations, hotels and shopping complexes. Please agree on the price for a round tour of the city before you get into the taxi.


Taking the local bus is an affordable way to travelling around the state and is also a good way to observe local lifestyle.


Driving is one of the most convenient ways of getting around the state. You can rent a car and explore the state at your own pace.

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