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Malacca Tourist Attraction


Melaka enjoys a strategic location on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, along the historic Straits of Malacca, covering an area of 1,650 sq km. Established in 1403, it was an important trading post in Malaysia's early history and attracted from all over the world.


Today, it is home to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Melaka. This capital city invites you to experience the old world charm of building and architecture inherited from centuries of Portuguese, Dutch and Britiesh rule, and to witness the various customs and cultures of its people. Beyond the city are attractions such a fruit farms, animal and nature parks as well as resort and homestays.


Porta De Santiago

Melaka Tengah


The Portuguese admiral, Alfonso D'Albuquerque, built Porta de Santiagi or A;Famosa in 1511. However, this fortress was badly damaged during the Dutch invasion in 1641. Fortunately, Sir Stamford Raffles, a British official, intervened in 1808 and saved what remains of A'Famosa today. This famous landmark is located near St.Paul's Church.



Melaka Tengah


The stadthuys is the most imposing relic of the Dutch rule in Melaka. It features salmon red walls, heavy wooden dors and wrought-iron hinges. Once the officers, it now houses the Museum of History and Ethnography. Next to it is christ Church, a Dutch Resormed Church that was constructed in 1753.

Opening Hours

: Museum of History and Ethnography 9.00am - 5.30pm weekday


: 9.00am - 9.00pm weekend


Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum

Melaka Tengah


This building is typical of the 19th century Baroque-style homes wealthy Chinese Families. Furnished with Chinese rosewood furniture with a mix of Chinese, Victorian and Dutch designs, this longish residence has an interior that opens into a courtyard that admits sun and rain. This museum was the ancestral home of their generations of a Baba Nyonya  family and is situated along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

Opening Hours

: 10.00am - 12.30pm


: 2.30pm - 4.30pm


Melaka Sultanate Palace

Melaka Tengah


A replica of a 15th century place in Melaka, this museum mainly displays exhibits that are related to the culture of Melaka. Other items include a huge diorama depicting a sultan's court as well as clothing weapons, stone inscriptions, musical instruments and photographs.

~ The Melaka sultanate Palace was built based on the description provided in the Malay Annals, a literary work that chronicles the history of the sultanate of Melaka.

Opening Hour: 9.00am - 5.30pm


Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park

Ayer Keroh


Green and serene, this theme park features replicas of Malay and ASEAN Traditional houses. skillfully carfted and built of wood such as meranti, cengal, keranji as well as damar laut, there houses possess unique characteristics and beautiful decorations.

Must do:

  • Take part in traditional games

  • Watch cultural performances

Opening Hours: Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm satuday - sunday 9.00am - 6.00pm


Maritime Museum

Melaka Tengah


The Maritime Museum is housed in a replica of the Floor de la Mar, a Portuguese vessel that sank off the coast of Melaka. The museum has pictorial displays of the history of Melaka, beginning from the Sultanate of Melaka in the 14th century to the pre-independence era. Inside the museum are models of ships, authentic maps, charts and old iron chests that were once used to store precious cargo.

Opening Hours

: 9.00am - 5.30pm Weekday


: 9.00am - 9.00pm weekend


Melaka River Cruise

Melaka Tengah


The 45-minute Melaka River Cruise passes through the downtown area where you can see old warehouses, shop houses, bridge and Kampung Morten, a traditional Malay village. The return trip passes wharves down river. Booking for cruises along the Melaka River can be made at the quay behind the tourist information centre.

Must do:

  • Enjoy the beautiful riverside view

Opening Hours: 9.00am - 11.30pm


A'Famosa Resort

Alor Gajah


The star attraction in Alor Gajah, the A'Famosa Resort boasts several themed attractions, which include the A'famosa Water world, A'Famosa Animal World Safari, A'Famosa cowboy Town and a children's theme park. This resort is situated just off the North-south expressway.

Must do:

  • Go for tube and raft rides as well as high speed slides

  • Observe savannah animals from safari trucks

  • Water the Red Indian show and Animal Musical Parade

  • Try exciting rides and games at the Children's Theme Park

~ A'Famosa Resort has the largest dafari and water the,e park in Malaysia


Melaka Wonderland Theme Pak & Resort

Ayer Keroh


The region's mewest water theme park and resort is located in Ayer Keroh. It promises a complete water park experience for everyone, offering attractions raging from high-speed water slides to tranquil greenery. This unique water theme park features 16 attractions and is surrounded by 360ha of natural recreational forest.

Opening Hours

: 10.00am - 7.00pm Weekday


: 9.00am - 7.00pm weekend


Taming Sari Tower

Melaka Tengah


A 360 degrees view of Banda Hilary and its environs awaits you at the 110m high Taming Sari Tower. The name and design of this tower was inspired by the taming sari dagger, the legendary weapon owned by the Malay warrior, Hang Tuah. This tower is only a few minutes away from the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade Shopping Complex.

Must do:

  • Take a ride up the Taming sari tower

~ Taming Sari Tower is the first revolving gyro tower in Malaysiao

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 11.00pm


There's Much More in Melaka

After covering the state's main attractions in Melaka City, you can make a trip to other place of interest that are located in Alor Gajah and Jasin.

Melaka Tengah

  • Bukit Cina

  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

  • Christ Church

  • Coral Wonderland

  • Hang Li Po's Well

  • Hang Tuah Centre @ Hang Tuah Village, Duyong

  • Kampung Kling Mosque

  • Kampung Hulu Mosque

  • Melaka straits Mosque

  • Proclamation of Independence Memorial

  • St. Francis Xavier's Church

  • St. John's Frot

  • St. Pual's Church

  • St. Peter's Church

  • Submarine Museum, Klebang

  • Tengkera Mosque

  • Ti Fang Fu Temple

  • Toy Museum

Alor Gajah

  • Kompleks Falak Ai-Khawarizmi

  • Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm

  • Tanjung Tuan

  • Tanjung Bidara

  • Turtle Information Centre

  • Gadek Hot Springs

  • Tanjung Bidara Beach

  • Tanjung Tuan Beach

  • Turtle Management Centre, Padang Kamunting Beach

  • Fort Supai - Kuala Linggi

  • Paya Laut Recreational Forest

  • Bukit Beringin Recreational Forest

  • Sungai Udang Recreational Forest

  • Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam recreational Park

  • Pengkalan Balak Beach

  • Alor Gajah Museum

  • British Graveyard

  • British Graveyard

  • Dataran Keri


  • Besar Island

  • Sungai Rambai River Cruise

  • Laman Tiga Budaya

  • Asahan Waterfall

  • Lubok Bandung Aborigines's Village

  • Gapam Baru Aborigine's Village

  • Agriculural Museum

  • Bemban Hot Springs

  • Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest

  • Bukit Senggeh Forest Reserve

  • Bukit Sedanan Forest Reverse

Hang Tuah Jaya / Ayer Keroh

  • Melaka Botanical Garden

  • Melaka Crocodile Park

  • Melaka International Bowling centre

  • Melaka Planetarium Adventure Science Centre

  • Zoo Melaka


Shopping & Dining



You can shop for antiques, handicrafts, art and deco pieces as well as a wide range of local food products in Melaka. Just make a trip to the shopping complexes, antiques shops as well as handicraft and food stores found throughout the state.

Popular shopping spots:

  • Dataran Pahlawan Melaka egamall

  • Glant

  • AEON Jaya Jusco Bandaraya

  • Jonker Street

  • Mahkota Parada

  • Medan Samudera

  • Melaka Batik House

  • MYDIN (Melaka Sentral)


  • Syarikat Pemasaran Kartaneka

  • TESCO Cheng

  • The Store

  • Fashion City (Kota Fesyen), Ayer Keroh



Melaka is famous for delicious food like satay celup, Chicken Rice Balls, Seafood as well as a delicious range of Nyonya, Chetti and Portuguese food. You can sample these local delights at the city's many restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and food courts.


Satay Celup (non-halal)

Dataran KerisThe satay Celup is unique to Melaka. it comprises a large variety of seafood, meat and vegetable-raw or semi0boiled, that is dunked in a boiling pot to thick and spicy peanut sauce until it is cooked, before eaten with a thick and spicy peanut sauce. It is served with bread and cucumber.

Chicken Rice Balls

Enjoy the novelty of eating rice balls with chicken meat, cucumber and garlic-chilli sauce. This dish is another much after delicacy in Melaka.


Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf, fish in tamarind sauce, fish head curry, chilli crab, buttered prawns, stuffed squids, cockles and oysters - these are just a few of the mouth-watering seafood dishes offered at restaurants in Umbai, Serkam, Alai, Pernu and Pengkalan Balak on the southern coast of Melaka.

Nyonya food

Melaka is one of the best places to savour exotic Nyonya fare such as otak-otak (spicy fish meat wrapped in banana leaf), itik tim (duck stew with salted vegetables) and perut ikan (preserved fish stomach in herbs). Nyonya cuisine is a marriage of Chinese cooking style with Malay ingredients and condiments.

Portuguese food

Malaysian Portuguese food is a mix between traditional Portuguese recipes, with traces of Dutch, British and local ingredients. It is also influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Nyonya styles of cooking. Donít forget to try dishes such as pasu kaemade (baked fish), garing garing fretu (fried whitebait with sliced shallots) and the fiery el diablo curry (devil curry) while you are here.

Chetti food

Traditional Chetti food is a delectable blend of Indian spices and local ingredients. Tickle your taste buds with dishes like ikan parang masak pindang (fish in spicy soup base), nasi lemak (cooked Chetti-style), nasi kembuli (kembuli rice) and pulut tekan (glutinous rice cake)



Shopping & Dining


Melaka is located on the southwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is 144km from Kuala Lumpur 90km from Port Dickson and 224km from Johor Bahru. Travel options are numerous as the state is accessible by air, road rall or sea.

Getting Here

By Air

Those arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport can take a taxi or bus to Melaka. The Melaka International Airport is located in Batu Berendam, 10km from Melaka City.

By Road

The North-south Expressway runs through the state and provides easy access to its attractions, which are located near the Simpang Ampt, Ayer Keroh and Lipat Kajang Exits. Melaka Sentral the new bus and taxi terminal in Peringgit, is roughly 6km from the city. The terminal also houses a shopping arcade and bazaar.

By Sea

There are ferry services from Melaka to Dumai, Pekan Baru and Bengkalis in Sumatera daily. The Melaka Marina Complex in Kota Laksamana is a new stopver destination for cruise ships.

By Rail Malayan Railway or Keretapi Tanah <elayu (KTMB) operates regular services from various from various parts of the country to Tampin and vice versa. You can take a taxi or bus from the Tampin / Pulau Sebang station, which is 38km from Melaka City.

Getting Around

By Taxi

You can get a taxi bus station, hotels and shopping complexes. Please agree on the price before you get into a taxi. Another opttion is to hire a car and travel at your own pace.

By Bus

Toget to attractions within and around the city, you can take the local buses or the Panorama Melaka tourist bus.

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